Horse Riding Socks As a Birthday Gift

If you ask a lot of young girls what their favorite thing is, some would say fashion and makeup while others would say boys and music. If you ask my daughter, her only answer would be horses. She does enjoy the other things, but she has such a passion for horses. She started riding competitively in the last year, and that just elevated her desire of horses even more. We found a great site that sells horse riding clothes for those young ladies who do competition riding, and I decided to look there not that long ago to see if I could find another birthday gift for her.

We had already gotten her a few things, but I wanted something to do with horses for her too. She already had everything she needed, but I knew I would be able to find something on that site that she would not only love but be able to use as well. When I saw the riding socks, I knew I had hit the jackpot. There was a nice variety as far as socks go, and I was able to get her a few different ones.

I really liked the three pack of the Equetech riding boot socks, mainly because of the design of the socks. I knew that she would like them too because they had a boot design on them, and they were quite whimsical. I also got her a two pack of Harry Hall riding socks, because of the colors. She loves purple, pink and blue, and these socks had all three colors incorporated into them. When she opened all her gifts on her birthday, she was happy with everything. I have a feeling she was super excited about the socks though because she put a pair of them on immediately!