Learning About Clay Pigeon Shooting

When we moved to where we live now, my husband and I decided to start looking around to see if we could find something fun to do in our new neighborhood. One of the first hings we found was Lady’s Wood, which is a shooting school. It is located on acres upon acres of beautiful land, and we both wanted to find out a lot more about it. When my husband told me that we could go there and learn clay pigeon shooting, I had no idea what that even meant.

I knew that I did not want to learn how to shoot birds, which gave him a good chuckle. Even though he had never been at shooting events like that, he still knew what they were about. He assured me that shooting live pigeons is never an option as that was made illegal nearly a century ago. They still use the term though since that is what most people associate it with. He told me that it is simply shooting at a clay target that is flying through the air, and that it sounded like it could be a lot of fun.

What intrigued him the most after looking at some information about Lady’s Wood online is that there are instructors there who will teach us everything we need to know. For us, that would be everything, because neither one of us had ever shot a gun before. We did sign up for the lessons, and it was absolutely the best time ever. We learned a good bit, but we also had so much fun that we knew we wanted to continue to do this. They have different packages there, so we usually end up going at least once a month. We are getting pretty good at shooting the clay targets too!