Taking a Less Formal More Open Private Tour of Israel

There are so many places we could travel to in the world for our once in a lifetime trip abroad. However, we were looking into Jerusalem tours for our trip. We discovered that you do not have to take one of those trips where you are crowded onto a big bus and hauled around to a few tourist sites. You can actually get a private or semi-private tour of Israel conducted by experienced guides. The company we were looking into has a 100 percent satisfaction rate. Do you know any company of any sort that has that level of customer satisfaction? Me neither!

Israel is only about as big as New Jersey, but that is big enough that you cannot get to all the interesting spots in one day. You need to do a tour that is spread out over a few days at a minimum. Picking a company that has small groups or offers semi-private or private tours of Israel makes a whole lot more sense to me. Imagine the personal touch you can get if you just take your family or your spouse on a guided tour of Israel. The company we were looking at offers to meet you anywhere in Israel to conduct the tour you want.

I know there are all kinds of packaged tours, but we wanted something personal and private. However, we were also open to suggestions for a sort of on-the-fly tour. Kind of a go-with-the-flow type of thing that would take advantage of opportunities as they presented themselves. We did not want the tour to be so rigid and scheduled that we needed to be in and out of a place by a set time. We know that is necessary for some sites, but not all of them. We wanted the real Israel experience to take memories home with us.