The Feel of the Horsepower

In my early days of working with racehorse trainers, I was a timid young man who knew nothing about the world of horse racing, and I was even afraid to get on a horse. The animals were so big and looked intimidating to me that I would run behind the trainers. The teeth were always in plain sight, and made me think that the horse would bite me whenever I got the chance. Also the placement of its eyes was a little disorienting to me. I learned to like the horses and even began to love them. They’re so gentle that they wouldn’t even hurt a fly if it was buzzing around their tails. Of course, this doesn’t mean that anyone should let their gentle nature fool them, because the horse are packing enough power in their bodies to move at amazing speeds.

When I became close enough with the horses to race on them, I realized how much power they had first hand. Riding on the horse felt like I was clinging on the back of a rocket. You can feel the wind blowing past your face as the horse gallops with all of the strength in its legs. It’s like the horse is trying to run fast enough to travel back through time, or at least break the sound barrier.

I got used to the speed of the horse and became ready to race against the other trainers. Sitting in the gate waiting for the race to start is one of the most tense moments that any person will even feel. You’re waiting for the time when you have to go a blazing speeds, and the adrenaline is just building up. Your heart pumps while you wait for the gait, and when it opens, everything happens in a blur.