Why We Must Keep Working for World Peace

Famous faces and their watershed moments | cleveland.comFor as long as people have been alive on the Earth, the dream of world peace has captivated many people’s hearts. A world without war or hatred may seem like an unattainable utopia, but even if we can never realize this ambition within our own lives, we must still keep working toward this goal. Too many people are still threatened by ills such as war, prejudice, violence and other problems. To combat these problems, we all need to rededicate ourselves to pursuing the goal of world peace. Only then can we hope to truly progress as a species and achieve our full potential as human beings.

Too often, people are ready to simply accept brutality and violence as natural parts of the human condition about which we can do nothing. Those who hope for world peace are often dismissed as naive dreamers who do not understand the harsh truths of how the world really is. However, those who feel this way are, in truth, the ones who do not understand the realities of the world. They are all too ready to accept the lies and distortions of those whose minds are clouded by hatred, greed and other negative emotions. We must resist their claims and continue to actively promote the goal of a world without war and violence.

By continuing to promote world peace, we can ensure that we are doing all we are able to make the world a better place, not just for ourselves, but for future generations to come. When we look back at the long sweep of human history, it is clear that humanity has come a long way. However, we still have a long way to go. It is not yet time to rest from our labors. Instead, we must resume our efforts to construct a better world.