You Need Help when It Comes to a Short Sale

I lost my job a year ago due to having continued medical troubles. This affected so many things in my life, especially with paying my bills on time. Eventually, I found myself many months behind, and different services that I had no trouble paying for in the past were suddenly being turned off for non-payment. I also feared that I was going to lose my house to foreclosure, so I contacted an agent who deals with short sales in Brooklyn NY to see if she could assist me.

I live in a neighborhood that is not known for homes selling very quickly in. This is because I live on the outskirts of the city, and many people want to live closer in so that they can either walk or take a very short subway ride to and from work each day. I live far enough out that anyone in this home would need to spend about an hour on the subway each day to get into the heart of the city. So, I had little luck getting anyone to buy my place for the three months that I had it on the market.

The lack of interest due to where I live is what prompted me to get help. Obviously, you can try to deal with selling your home back to the bank you bought it through on your own, but if you make a misstep and the banker changes their mind, then you are back to square one again. The next step on that is getting foreclosed on. So, getting an expert who knows every step of the way was in my best interest. They have done the work before and can help you navigate all the paperwork that needs to be handled on your side and can act as the go between for you and the bank.